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Insider February 15


Learning Leaders Online Forum
Example First Name, Will You Be Joining Us Next Week?

Reserve your spot for the first-ever Learning Leaders Online Forum, taking place on February 24 & 25. Explore 16 unique sessions designed to help you support your organization and overcome today's most pressing challenges. Plus, registration to this online forum includes a full one-year membership to the Learning Leaders Alliance.

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Time to try an authoring tool with xAPI built in

Mobile responsive. Interactive. Adaptive. Collaborative. xAPI-enabled. No coding required. You can help shape the authoring tool that you want—the one that creates the experiences your learners need—before it’s available to the public. Join the evolution.

Learning Solutions 2021

Save $100 through February 26!
Experience Learning Solutions Digitally!
Learning Solutions 2021 Digital Experience is a two-week online event exploring the full spectrum of L&D. Join us this spring on May 3 - 14 for 120+ sessions, non-stop networking opportunities, a free week of innovative events—all in one digital environment. Register by next February, February 26, to save $100 with the Super Early discount.
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Sublime Media
Sublime Media: The Creative Agency for Learning

Today’s employees are looking for authentic communication. They are practically begging for a deeper kind of engagement. Online training, however, is often dull, pre-packaged, and disappointing. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can show you how.


New Research Video: The Science of Workplace Instruction
New Video: The Science of Workplace Instruction

In this research video, Jane Bozarth interviews Dr. Kraiger about the science of workplace instruction as the application of evidence-based principles to improve job performance. Watch for free today to find out more about these core principles and how they could help you achieve better learning outcomes.

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Online Conference

Deepening Your ID Skills Online Conference
Ready to Deepen Your ID Skills?
Step up your ID game with us this week on February 17 & 18 at the Deepening Your ID Skills Online Conference. You'll attend eight sessions exploring how you can develop assessments, blueprint learning campaigns, design for the specific needs of your learners, and more. If you're interested but unable to attend the live event, register anyway to receive session recordings and handouts post-event.
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Curated Content

What's This Week's Industry Buzz?

This week's Curated Content continues to have the dual focus of providing resources that can help us navigate this troubling time, while also giving us new ways to expand the view we have on the work we do as L&D professionals. See this week's Curated Content on The Learning Guild's blog, TWIST.

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Learning Solutions Articles

Selecting a Learning Management System: Be Strategic!

Explore which factors you should consider when choosing a learning management system for your organization.

Buzzword Decoder: Learning Management System (LMS)

Find out what an LMS is, what it does, and what the critical functions are that it should provide.

Job Board

Deepening Your ID Skills Online Conference
New Opportunities Are Waiting for YOU!
New jobs have been posted to The Learning Guild Job Board: Looking for new hires? Post your job description to The Learning Guild's Job Board for free to connect with others in the community!
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