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At The Learning Guild, we know that great content comes from a variety of places; that’s why we host content from the sponsors and suppliers in our industry who work with the technologies and products you use every day. The Sponsored Library provides you with resources such as white papers, case studies, videos, and webinar recordings on relevant topics, from a highly focused set of leading industry suppliers and vendors. The Sponsored Library is integrated into our website’s advanced filtering, so you can quickly find content on the topics that fit your specific needs.

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Accessibility Considerations in the World of Online Training & Learning

12.2.20 | Sponsored Library | White papers

This white paper highlights the importance of accessibility in virtual training and offers ways that you can create a more inclusive learning environment.

7 Ways eLearning Engages Modern Learners

11.11.20 | Sponsored Library | White papers

No matter what training challenges you’re facing or industry disruptions you’re working through, eLearning should be on your roadmap. Discover why eLearning is great for engaging modern learners that are ready to take their training anywhere they go, at any time.

The Learning Technology Manager’s Guide to xAPI

11.9.20 | Sponsored Library | White papers

Helping organizations to understand the impact of their workplace learning efforts, this guide takes a look at the xAPI specification and its role in L&D.

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