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How Learning Will be Changed Forever: THE Five Essentials of Learning in the New World of Work

7.29.20 | Sponsored Library | Webinars

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Companies all over the world are fighting to restore their business performance while keeping their employees and customers safe. With over 20 years’ experience working with companies such as McDonalds, Allstate, Abbott Labs, and top industry analysts in the learning space, Chris Tratar will share the latest observations and thinking from Inkling, industry analysts and Fortune 500 customers on how corporate learning will be changed forever.

In this new world of work, old learning processes, systems and policies won’t work. You need new and innovative ways of communicating, training and updating your workforce to navigate changing conditions, while trying to get your business back up to speed. In this webcast you will learn about the 5 essentials of learning in the new world of work. Post pandemic, learners and learning teams will need:

  • Trust—One single source of truth for corporate learning and knowledge.
  • Access—Anytime, anywhere access to learning on any device.
  • Speed—Ability to quickly and collaboratively create and update learning materials.
  • Relevance—A shift to new types of learning formats from ILT, VILT and eLearning.
  • Adoption—Provide learning systems and tools employees want to use.

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