A Working Guide to Emerging Technologies

If you can’t tell a 5G from an XR, you’re not alone! The Working Guide series, a new initiative, is here to help you sort out new buzzwords and understand the impact of emerging technologies on eLearning.

This eBook includes a set of five emerging tech guides that dive into 5G, AI, data, VSO, and XR. Download your copy on individual topics, or the compilation of all five topics, and learn how these emerging technologies will impact L&D.

Each Working Guide consists of a PDF that:

  • Offers an overview of a specific technology that is brand-new or evolving, and that is likely to significantly change the way people work.
  • Describes or anticipates the effects of the emerging technology on the modern workplace.
  • Provides insightful commentary that ties each emerging technology to L&D by describing its current or potential effects on eLearning.
  • Supplies a short list of resources for further reading.

Download now: