About Guild Research

Guild Research delivers seven types of research resources focused on helping you make sense of the depth, complexity, and future of our field. We work with industry analysts and leading practitioners to analyze existing and new sources of knowledge and bring you concise information and practical insights that you can use to make important decisions, inform practice, and stay current. This is where you will find out about research in the field, new technologies, and what your peers are doing and thinking, in practical language.

  • Case studies. In-depth analyses of how today’s organizations are approaching business problems and developing solutions for their learning communities.
  • Presentations. Structured templates that assist in explaining and planning for specific learning problems and issues.
  • Resources. Pragmatic and easy-to-use charts, checklists, guides, graphs, infographics, and salary calculators. Also included in this category are audio and video recordings, recorded webinars, and other digital resources.
  • Research reports. In-depth analyses of critical learning issues, emerging technologies, and the future of workplace learning. These may also include sponsored research content.
  • Guild white papers. White papers written by the Guild or submitted by Guild members and other authors.
  • Industry perspectives. Cross-industry analyses of key topics, including evolution of the Learning profession; career development issues for Learning practitioners; and industry-specific and region-specific challenges. Discussions of issues in the field meant to raise awareness of myths, concerns, and problems and help readers make informed decisions. It includes educated opinions backed up by relevant and educated references and discussions in the field
  • Salary and compensation reports. Global analyses of Learning Guild members’ trends in salary, compensation, and employment, broken out by regions and including multiple compensation and workforce planning variables.
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