Every e-learning project has its pain points—from project bottlenecks, complex design and development tasks, to snags in team communication. But not everything that's been a frustrating challenge in the past needs to stay that way in the future. There are lots of ways the e-learning apps you use can make every part of your course creation workflow faster and easier.

In this session, you'll explore ten ways Articulate 360 can magically fix some of the most common—and most exhausting—e-learning challenges. Even experienced users will uncover design and development tips and tricks for simplifying the course creation process. Along the way, you'll discover creative ways to use Articulate 360 apps to make your project communication and collaboration stress-free.

You will learn:

  • Quick tips and tricks for managing media in your e-learning projects
  • How to use Storyline 360 quiz tracking features to create branched courses that report results to your LMS
  • How using new features in Storyline 360 makes creating conditional interactivity easier than ever
  • How to use Rise 360 for creating quick microlearning
  • How all of the other apps and resources in Articulate 360 work together to save you design and development time

Technology addressed: Articulate 360