Scenario-based learning is a powerful method of learning experience design delivery, however it’s often difficult to know where to start. With a focus on ensuring we fit in all required learning content, it’s easy to find ourselves writing dry, predictable, or stilted scenarios that are noticeably unrealistic to the learners. This is where personas can help bring our narrative scenarios to life.

In this session you will learn about the various components of learner personas while dissecting several examples. You’ll learn how you can strategically use learner personas in the creation of branched narrative scenarios to create learning experiences that learners are receptive to and feel applies to them and their work. You’ll discover the elements of character personas and how you can use them to make scenarios come alive. We’ll discuss a number of character persona examples and how they play out in narrative design. You’ll come away with actionable steps for using learner and character personas to get started designing your own realistic learning scenarios.


Session Video