April Petrey

Principal Consultant, Allonsy Innovation, LLC

April Petrey, Principal Consultant at Allonsy Innovation, LLC, is a seasoned learning and development professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. As a director of learning and development, she led teams in executing comprehensive learning strategies that have reduced ramp time, implemented company-wide sales processes, and created a collaborative learning culture. April has held senior management positions at start-ups and large corporations, where she has mentored leadership teams, collaborated with partner organizations, analyzed organizational needs, constructed scalable learning programs, built global L&D departments, and influenced executive decision-making. April founded Allonsy Innovation, LLC to support VCs, equity partnerships, and start-ups in leveraging innovative approaches to speed up scalability, reduce ramp time, and protect against process evaporation. She focuses on organizations undergoing a shift in funding to execute simple and sustainable actions that create immediate results and lay the foundation for future iteration.

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