Indusgeeks, a global leader in game-based training and gamification solutions, is planning to showcase some of the latest improvements to its award-winning platform INIT at Learning Solutions 2017 Conference & Expo.

The platform, INIT (or Interactive Narrative Immersive Training), was created to help enterprises convert their existing eLearning content into game-based training solutions for a variety of business processes, across industry types. Over the past year, the company has continued to innovate at a record pace, announcing its latest expansions to the INIT platform—INIT VR and INIT AR—at DevLearn 2016. With INIT Virtual Reality (VR), the company plans to radically change the training paradigm through VR headsets, ranging from the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive to cost-efficient VR platforms like Google Cardboard. Through INIT Augmented Reality (INIT AR), the company also aims to showcase the training potential of augmented reality and mixed reality experiences, using devices such as Microsoft’s HoloLens and mixed reality–capable smartphones and tablets.

“Virtual reality and augmented reality are transforming the training landscape. As leaders in immersive training, we at Indusgeeks want to ensure that our clients are keeping up with the very bleeding edge of training technology. With INIT VR/AR, we’re proud to report that we’ve exceeded our clients’ expectations,” says Sid Banerjee, founder and CEO of Indusgeeks. “With INIT’s versatility, organizations can now create cost-effective learning interventions with a seamless experience across the hardware spectrum. We’re proud to announce that our latest enhancements to the platform allow for a much more immersive experience, with additional capabilities to collect valuable data. This can provide significant insight to trainers on how to fine-tune their learning curriculum.”

Banerjee added that, following the immense popularity of his learning stage session at DevLearn 2016, he will also be presenting a stage session at Learning Solutions 2017. In the session, “Virtual Reality and Your Organization: Transforming the Future of Training,” he plans to specifically address how enterprises can harness VR to transform their training effectively and cost-efficiently.

About Indusgeeks

Indusgeeks has been producing game-based training and gamification solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, academic institutions, and governments worldwide since 2007. The multiple award–winning company also revealed its latest award: the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for “Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning,” earned for a soft-skills sales and recruitment training program developed for a large Indian insurance company.

To witness a live demonstration of VR’s potential for training and learn how game-based and simulation-based training through INIT can enhance learning, visit Booth 209 at Learning Solutions 2017 Conference & Expo. Banerjee, the CEO, will also be available at the booth for interviews and questions. To book your appointment with him at the event, email Alternatively, visit to learn more about using the versatile INIT platform to enhance your training content.