Social learning in the enterprise is top of mind for many organizations. But what is social learning? What resources and tools drive and support collaboration?

Participants in this session will learn about challenges for social-learning adoption in the enterprise, examine the 7Cs of social learning, observe a solid collaborative-learning process, discuss how the role of the instructional designer is evolving to accommodate social-learning efforts, and review Cisco’s social-learning success story. Rather than just hearing about social-learning theory, you’ll learn about proven and practical approaches, resources, and tools for successful social-learning initiatives in an enterprise environment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The definition and benefits of social, continuous learning within the enterprise environment
  • The 7Cs of social learning
  • How to meet the challenges of social-learning adoption
  • About the benefits of selected resources and tools for driving and supporting social learning
  • How to use the collaborative-learning process as a framework for social-learning adoption
  • About the implications of social learning for instructional designers