What if there was a way to get more accurate data on what, how, and when people needed to learn? Standard L&D analytics generally measure content: Who took what course or module? Where did they take it? When? And, did they like it? We assess with ADDIE models, trying to ensure we hit the right pain points for learners. We use surveys and guesswork. Yet we ignore social learning, the very best source of learning data in an organization.

This session will teach you how to measure the impact social learning has on organizational performance, drill down into what data matters, and uncover how you can measure it. If you measure social learning, you can improve not just people's work experiences, but also your formal learning content. It's not about content views. It's not about social media metrics. It's about interaction. (We generally call this social network analytics.) This session will get you started with measuring social learning and give you strategies for how to respond to the results. You’ll discover what data you should look for, how to find it, what other data you can add to produce a more rounded picture, and how you should communicate with executives and other stakeholders about the findings.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Social network analysis basics
  • Basic social learning measurement
  • How to leverage the interplay with other organizational data sources
  • Techniques for measuring ESN/chat data

Session Video