A commitment to creating accessible content stems from a reframing: Reframing disability from defining it as something that is wrong with an individual person to seeing it as barriers placed in a person’s way.

This eBook, Accessibility from the Ground Up, by Pamela S. Hogle, offers dozens of tips for building eLearning content that more learners can use in additional ways.

If we create content that is accessible from the ground up—if we build in ease of access and assistance for people who are new to technology, are English-language learners, have trouble distinguishing colors, need high-contrast designs, are hard of hearing, or use screen readers to navigate or access text—all learners will benefit. Accessible content is easier for everyone to use. It is clear and easy to navigate. People can use it at home in the evening when their kids are sleeping or on the train on the way to work. They can quickly find the parts they need to review, identify links, understand the hierarchy of information, and take as much time as they need to complete forms and exercises.

Download this eBook and create accessible content that will benefit your learners.