As we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of learning and development, where hybrid learning and virtual classrooms have become not just beneficial but essential, one element stands unaltered—the enduring power of classic instructional design. Join me as we explore the intriguing intersection of age-old design principles and revolutionary learning environments.

Let's delve into the realm of design. Amid the scramble to transition to virtual training in 2020, the integral design process was often overlooked, replaced by a reliance on slides and live video to captivate learners. This approach, however, restricts the potential for meaningful learning experiences. We allowed the allure of technology and video to overshadow the importance of design.

What's needed now is a seamless integration of classic design principles with modern learning environments—infusing virtual spaces (the where), blended content (the what), and a hybrid workforce (the who). Throughout this transformation, one constant remains: The enduring power of classic instructional design. It's time to return to our roots. The most advanced tech means little if the design doesn't reinforce the message and align with business objectives.

By emphasizing instructional design principles that promote active involvement, application-based learning, and cooperative education, we can bridge the divide between virtual training and effective knowledge absorption.

During this session we’ll discuss how to:

  • Identify how key elements of effective instructional design can be integrated into virtual and hybrid learning spaces
  • Create meaningful learning experiences in a virtual setting with strategies that move beyond reliance on slides and live video
  • Actively engage learners and promote application-based learning in virtual environments
  • Ensure that instructional design not only reinforces the intended message but also aligns with and supports overarching business goals

If there's one insight the pandemic has underscored, it's this: The value of instructional design has never been more pronounced. Let’s talk about it.


Session Video