When From Analysis to Evaluation: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Trainers was first published in 2008, few designers thought about whether or how to ensure that their online resources would be accessible to a diverse population of learners; a focus on designing inclusive content was years away.

In this closing session of our online conference marking 15 years since the book was released, we look at how far we've come— and how much we still need to do—to achieve the goal of learning content that is accessible and inclusive to all of our learners. Join this panel discussion for perspectives on how and why to create inclusive learning, why an accessibility strategy is an essential element of any training strategy, and how to champion this viewpoint in your organization.

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Jean Marrapodi

VP/Senior Instructional Designer, UMB Bank

Ariana Saunders

Associate Director, Corporation for Supportive Housing

Christine Selinger

Consultant & Instructional Designer, Creative by Christine

Nick Tillem

Learning Technologies Manager