Many organizations are shifting towards decentralized and democratized learning environments, where training is in the hands of subject-matter experts (SMEs), and the growing adoption of social tools is transforming the economics of knowledge transfer. Cloud-based training systems such as Wisetail and Topyx provide platforms for cost-effective and quickly implemented solutions that SMEs can create entirely in-house. But where does this trend leave instructional designers (IDs)? How can professional IDs bring value to social-learning movements, and what additional skills do you need to do this?

Participants in this session will learn how to remain relevant by adapting and evolving your skill set to leverage a distributed training model. SMEs are not necessarily good IDs, so professional IDs will not only need to adapt sound design principals to new modes of learning, but you will need to focus on training the trainer as well. You’ll also explore and learn how to layer social environments for learning and social-learning tools such as wikis, forums, blogs and microblogs into this new model. Your role as professional ID is changing, but your learners’ needs are not. As organizations transition to this next age of learning, you will see great opportunities emerge.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How a shift towards social learning will impact professional IDs
  • Which social-media tools IDs should be familiar with
  • How to remain relevant in a move towards social learning
  • How to facilitate and support social learning
  • How to carve your niche in a decentralized learning function