The way that organizations think about learning, performance, and analytics is being impacted by the increasing sociability and mobility of our workforce, the burgeoning distribution of smartphones and tablets, and the widespread shift towards cloud computing across the enterprise. As innovative eLearning professionals, it’s our responsibility to design for the needs of this changing learning ecosystem.

Participants in this session will examine key trends, instructional-design techniques, technologies, and new implementation strategies with systems/applications that are emerging to meet the challenges and changes of today and tomorrow. How do we design eLearning content in “The Cloud” to enable quicker distribution, sharing, and collaboration of resources? Where does integrating eLearning with mobile technologies make the most sense? You’ll see how companies such as Google, Lowe’s, and Johnson & Johnson are delivering value through advanced learning design and content, and explore eLearning’s intersection with social media, social gaming, gamification, simulations, virtual worlds, and more.

In this session, you will learn:

  • From real-world projects and examples across industry, healthcare, academia, and military
  • How to think differently about eLearning instructional design
  • About emerging trends across instructional design, mobile technologies, and talent/performance management ecosystems
  • Techniques for deploying content in cloud-computing environments