10 Creative Alternatives to Traditional Online Training

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Deepening Your ID Skills Online Conference 2021 - February 17, 2021

Trina Rimmer

Sr. Manager of Marketing and Customer Engagement

When employees are missing a behavioral or performance mark, it’s not uncommon for business leaders to request more training which is often the wrong solution. This tends to create a substantial backlog of online courses, limits L&Ds potential, and often results in the team feeling like a course mill. How do you improve performance, meet organizational needs (not just wants), and ensure your knowledge and skills are fully maximized in the design of solutions that are faster, cheaper, and easier to create and maintain than more online training.

In this session, you'll learn ways to uncover the drivers behind training requests and how to get your stakeholders on board with creating something other than a traditional course. Along the way, you’ll see an assortment of simple, lean, and creative alternatives to online training that learners will actually use—and love. And the best part of all: you can design most of these training alternatives with the authoring apps you already have!

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