When training solutions fail to achieve desirable results, many training departments focus on their programs’ content rather than on their learners’ context. If today’s learners—who are mobile, digitally agile, and comfortable working virtually and using online collaboration tools—are not the priority when designing training solutions, then your ROI of learning will continue to remain low. Despite this reality, training departments continue to focus valuable time and energy on the design of content, ADDIE-driven solutions, and formal pedagogy. Training groups must begin to successfully use online workplace communities and mobile learning solutions. But what will it take for learning designers to make the leap to “flipping the classroom,” designing for mobile first, and letting go of one-size-fits-all?

In this energetic and interactive case-study session, you will review a series of ongoing learning experiments conducted by Genentech HR Career & Learning. You’ll learn how progressive training departments are shifting design and development practices around how content is generated, targeted, and distributed. Through multiple examples, will look at how targeted content and speed-to-deliver can be driven by the learner while the training group stands by in support. You’ll learn how the role of the trainer is evolving and where new skills in moderating and curation have emerged. You’ll discover reasons to integrate mobile, social, and collaborative technologies into your training solutions. You’ll discover hybrid learning solutions (blended learning 3.0) that engage the learner, create “pull” learning opportunities, and maximize learning outcome.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Practical examples of mobile and social learning technologies that Genentech is using
  • How to augment your current training programs by including solutions that focus on the learning process and the learners’ context
  • How the roles within the training department are evolving and why
  • What new metrics are available, how they help communicate value to leadership, and how to gather them

Novice through advanced designers, project managers, managers, directors, and other moderators who have a general familiarity with cloud-based computing, online collaboration, and an understanding of learning design supporting Level 2 evaluation and above.