In 2016, Hearing First had a goal to connect subject matter experts with hearing professionals and parents to help them develop skills and knowledge to better support children who are deaf or hard of hearing. We've been successfully meeting this need for nearly three years, but getting there wasn't easy.

In this session you'll learn how we went about meeting the challenge and adopted an evidence-based, flipped classroom model (or blended learning model) to improve learner outcomes. You'll learn how we leveraged an online community platform for independent learning assignments, recordings, and resources, and facilitated virtual classroom sessions to engage with others and apply new skills. We'll also share the failures and the genius of our design and production plans, insights into the software tools we use, and methods we use to prepare and motivate subject matter experts and participants.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The basics of a flipped classroom design and delivery model
  • Key team member roles
  • Production and preparation and planning steps
  • Technical considerations
  • Top three things we wish we had known before we started


Session Video