The skills of the 21st century are essential to thriving in learning and working—in this century and beyond! Skills such as collaboration, global awareness, and information and technical literacy are just some of the areas considered. There are websites and blogs devoted to the topic. You can find great projects going on in primary schools, but what about employees and college students? Do they have the skills needed? Can we take some of the projects from education and adapt them to the workplace and vice versa?

This session will address the topic of 21st-century skills by discussing the 21st-century skills framework; sharing examples of projects completed by business students for local businesses and nonprofits using tools such as web conferencing and online collaboration; looking at eLearning created by the students to enhance their own learning and share with others; focusing on collaboration, virtual and blended, and effective use of technology and media; and building on a resource list. You will explore the framework of 21st-century skills and practical ways to incorporate relevant areas into your own training and come away with resources and samples.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The focus of the 21st-century skills framework and how it relates to training efforts
  • The value of virtual collaboration as part of a course
  • Ideas for having learners create their own learning
  • Practical examples you can use in hybrid and online classes

Novice to advanced designers, project managers, managers, and trainers.