A key value of membership in The eLearning Guild is the event archives and the Research Library. These are loaded with useful professional information that you will not find anywhere else. If you are a paid Guild member who hasn’t taken the time to explore what’s available to you, this might be a good time to do that.

Here are four examples of archived content that is included in your membership. You need to be a paid Guild member at some level (Member, Member Plus, or Premium) to access these. If you aren’t a paid member, and these items and ones like them would help you solve problems in your work, please visit this link for all the membership details.

Research Library. 2015 LMS Reporting and Analytics Readiness Assessment Resources. The eLearning Guild Infographic, assessment tool. These new readiness assessment resources—an infographic that explores the eight areas of LMS reporting and analytics and an assessment toolkit that helps you identify your readiness for maximizing your LMS’s reporting and analytics capabilities—will help you take advantage of everything your LMS has to offer.

Online Events Archive. Finding Inspiration for eLearning Design from Video Games. Rachel Barnum. Handout, recording (00:56:58). Learn about video games and the core elements that make players want to play through to the end. Examine several video games and their set-ups, how these games introduce new concepts, and how they apply these concepts throughout the design. With this information as a base, you can create a mini-prototype of video-game-inspired learning.

Online Events Archive. The Power of Mobile Performance Support. Shannon D’Alessio. Handout, session video (1:01:17). Mobile performance support is a just-in-time tool; it’s handy, bite-sized, and doesn’t require your employees to scan through pages of notes or slide decks for key information. And with a mobile platform, you can make updates to your performance content in real time, so your team is always equipped with the best, most accurate support. This video will help you get started!

Online Events Archive. The Magic Behind Interactive Webinars. Karen Hyder. Recording (00:59:32). Have you ever watched a web-based conference session and wondered, “How’d they do that?”  When slides or polls appear or videos pop up and play automatically, it’s not magic! There’s a person behind every action who must click, type, or drag to make things happen.  If you’re always the participant and never the presenter, join this session to take a peek over an expert presenter’s shoulder at how it’s done. Find out what you’ve been missing!

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