Do you find yourself wondering, “What is the point?” As a sole L&D professional or leader of a small team, you may struggle to boost your own (or your team’s) motivation and alleviate or prevent burnout.  

In this session, we will introduce some of the historical and societal causes that contribute to these feelings and go through a series of questions and reflections to redirect your energy so you can go into work happy. This is not your typical motivational speech on burnout where suggestions like “self-care” and “meditation” are seen as the ultimate solution. Instead, we will discuss the importance of reframing your energy to lead to overall increased happiness. I’ll share my story of how quitting a dream career helped me reframe my energy for a happier life both at home and at work. I’ll guide you through an examination of how you direct your own energy—and whether this aligns with your values. Leave this session feeling reflective and ready to direct your energy toward what is most important, leading to better work outcomes.


Session Video