Harness the Power of Brain Science

The learning industry is becoming more and more interested in brain science, and with good reason. Current research and advancements in brain science are helping us better understand the science behind learning, and learning professionals are using this knowledge to create more effective learning and performance programs.

At the Science of Behavior Change Summit, we’re bringing leaders from both within and outside the L&D space to share the current research behind brain science and discuss how people are applying that information in the world of learning.

Open Your Mind to Scientific Possibilities

Over the course of two days, individuals in the science of behavior change field will explore the latest scientific research related to motivation and behavior. Sessions will examine how that research is helping us understand the brain today and impacting the way we’ll look at training and learning in the future.


Diagnosing Behavior Change Problems with Julie Dirksen
Examine the differences between analyzing learning objectives and diagnosing behavior change problems.

Neuroscience and Learning: Facts and Fantasies with Will Thalheimer
Explore research that debunks common myths and pinpoints misconceptions related to brain-based learning.

Training the Google Way: Using Neuroscience to Create Behavior Change with Art Kohn
Take a look at how advancements in science are being used to make training more effective at Google.

Look at the Science of Behavior Change from All Sides

Authors, researchers, and leaders who are playing in the behavior change field will share current research, examples, and lessons learned, as well as discuss how they’re applying that information to cutting-edge techniques in L&D.

Julie Dirksen
Design for How People Learn

Dustin DiTommaso
SVP Behavior Change Design

David Kelly
Program Director
The eLearning Guild

Art Kohn
Portland State University

Cynthia Kurtz
The PNI Institute

Carol Leaman

Michelle Segar
No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness

Will Thalheimer
Work-Learning Research

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