201 Neuroscience and Learning: Facts and Fantasies

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Wednesday, December 7

Neuroscience (aka brain-based learning) is one of the hottest topics in training and education. Over 40,000 neuroscience studies have been published in scientific journals. Learning practitioners are drawn to this research as a source of wisdom for their learning designs. Yet despite its promise, neuroscience is a fairly young field. Questions remain. Are neuroscience findings valid? Are they relevant to learning design? Are they useful?

In this session, noted research translator Will Thalheimer will review the research on neuroscience. You will explore research that debunks common myths, and you’ll pinpoint misconceptions related to brain-based learning. You will also receive practical suggestions for how to approach neuroscience recommendations.

Will Thalheimer


TiER1 Performance

Will Thalheimer, PhD, MBA, is a world-renowned speaker, writer, researcher, and consultant focused on research-based best practices for learning design, learning evaluation, and presentation design. At TiER1, Will works with multi-capability teams helping organizations activate their business and learning strategies—through their people. Prior to TiER1, Will founded and ran Work-Learning Research for 22 years, where his research reviews are still available. Will wrote the award-winning book Performance-Focused Learner Surveys (second edition); created LTEM, the Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model, the Presentation Science Workshop, and co-created the eLearning Manifesto. Will has the honor of being a Learning Guild Master.

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