Orchestrating an Agile Learning & Delivery Process

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eBooks - March 17, 2022

by Christian Weibell

Agile development is no longer just for software developers. The Learning and Development industry is embracing modern agile workflows because they are proving to make the instructional design process more efficient and effective.

When learners want content on-demand and in modern formats, old-school, long-winded content creation processes are becoming outdated. Interviewing SMEs, capturing feedback, reviewing internally, synthesizing information, and organizing content, followed by formatting, styling, and reconstituting knowledge is not necessary. Today's learners don't require polished content in order to perform better; they are accustomed to short, casual videos right when they need them.

By orchestrating and activating a collaborative, agile ID process, you can facilitate getting knowledge from those who have it to those who need it most with modern technology. Just imagine having someone record and upload a "how-to" video on the fly and then instantly share it with colleagues out in the field.

Find out how an agile environment gives learners direct access to your best knowledge sources, including your own in-house experts and SMEs. With this eBook, you will get an inside look at the role of an instructional designer is evolving - so don't get left behind!

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