In this whitepaper, we investigate game-based learning’s ability to meet your digital corporate training strategy’s objectives while also satisfying employees’ wants and needs. Current trends in L&D are moving towards more engaging, interactive, and immersive training courses. Game-based learning has come out on top as the training format that can best meet all these requirements, while still remaining affordable and easy to use.

We identify and delve into the 3 key components needed to create and implement a successful game-based learning program. If you’re interested in game-based learning but don’t know where to start, this is essential reading. We go into detail on what makes an effective game-based learning course, and how all its components work together to the maximum effect.

We also examine the cases of some innovative companies’ experiences incorporating video games into their training programs. Training Managers and Directors of L&D from companies like Coca-Cola and Volkswagen share their insights on the impact that game-based learning has had on their employees.

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