With so many employees still working from home and many feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed, game-based learning can be that "magic elixir" that adds just the right amount of fun and levity that your team needs. Furthermore, in this eBook, we'll discuss how to add gamification, the application of game-based elements (games, points, badges, leaderboards, competition, rewards, etc.) into your training strategy. By deploying these tactics, companies accelerate the learning process, improve retention rates, and promote a fun environment. In fact, 80% of employees enjoy game-based learning at work more than traditional training methods. There's a clear connection between building a productive environment and a fun one. Tapping into the power of play allows businesses to not only stimulate employees' learning retention but also improve company culture. In this eBook, we discuss how to make virtual onboarding more interactive, and finally, we share how a well-known cosmetic company created a gamified learning environment to train and engage their global sales team.

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