Today’s instructional designers have the daunting task of designing an experience, not just a training program. Designing such experiences requires a deep understanding of the modern learner, the latest trends in technology and new media, and augmented and virtual reality tools, plus the ability to grasp and work with a lot of content. The ideal learning experience designer should have a combination of skills in advertising, technology, and new media, and a passion for learning.

This complimentary eBook, 157 Tips on Improving eLearning Design, includes insights on improving eLearning design from members of the eLearning Guild community. This eBook can be glanced over in a single sitting and called upon at times when you need ideas to apply to your work. The enclosed tips fall into a number of categories and are sure to improve your eLearning design. The topics include:

  • Customizing and personalizing learning
  • Demonstrating your value
  • Designing for mobile
  • Documenting and managing your designs and standards
  • Effective instructional design and development
  • Making learning stick
  • Managing project costs and time