For years, Jane Bozarth has regularly published a “Nuts & Bolts” column in Learning Solutions, where she highlighted quick tips and practical how-tos for instructional designers. Over the past year, changes within the industry have generated renewed interest in topics like virtual classrooms and online training.

Filled with rich content, The Nuts & Bolts of Instructional Design: A Beginner’s Toolkit is the perfect resource to have handy when jumping into the world of instructional design. Included is a robust compilation of past “Nuts & Bolts” columns, updated to reflect on the struggles modern designers face and the solutions they use to conquer them. Created to be an easily-accessible resource for anyone interested in instructional design, this eBook dives into each step the ADDIE project planning model, and covers tips for:

  1. Analyzing what your learners need
  2. Designing virtual solutions, assessments, and learning experiences
  3. Developing instructional strategies, useful interactions, and strong learning communities
  4. Implementing necessary materials for useful and engaging interactions
  5. Evaluating common design metrics like learner performance and feedback

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