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Online Forums 2012 - October 11, 2012
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Katherine Stevens

Project Manager and Instructional Strategist
ISITE Design

Do you have trouble finding articles you previously read? Or answering questions when you know you’ve seen the answers…somewhere? Online-curation tools are an easy way to filter, organize, and — perhaps most powerfully — share links, information, and resources. These tools provide an effective way to share knowledge, yet they are one of the least-known types of social-media tools. With the abundance of online content, online curation is quickly becoming a trend and a skill learning professionals need. “Curation replaces noise with clarity. And it's the clarity of your choosing. It's the things that people you trust help you find.” – Steve Rosenbaum, Curation Nation

Participants in this session will see how easy it is to store and share links and create great-looking pages of resources using online-curation tools. You’ll learn the advantages of a variety of these tools — such as delicious, Scoop.It,, and Pinterest — and see how to use these tools for personal knowledge and to access high-quality content on topics that interest you. You’ll also explore how to use these tools to share content for organizational learning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to save and share content using online-curation tools
  • About four popular types of these tools
  • How to use these tools to provide resource lists for classes
  • How these tools can help increase organizational knowledge and sharing
  • A four-step process for getting started and growing your curation skills


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