Team-based learning is a powerful instructional approach, one that is central to many graduate programs. If done properly, team-based learning can transform a randomly assigned “group” into a cohesive “team.” Learners develop strong bonds with each other, and learning networks emerge, often with lives of their own that extend beyond the academic term. As educators, we must provide the appropriate environment for these teams to develop. This is relatively straightforward in a traditional, face- to-face setting: teams are assigned to breakout rooms, sit with one another during lunch, or similar activities. But how can we provide similar opportunities in blended or online environments? Without the myriad physical cues available in a face-to-face setting, is “virtual” team building possible?

Participants in this session will see how educators at the Crummer Graduate School were able to create a rich online environment for student teams to collaborate and communicate, using readily available technologies “in the cloud” such as Google Docs, Skype, Windows Live, and a flashy new invention called “the telephone.” You’ll also get handy, practical tips borne out of necessity.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About collaborating with Google Docs
  • About storing and sharing documents with Windows Live
  • About web conferencing for team learning with Google+
  • About educating with Skype