If learning experience design is the elegant integration of learning science and engagement, we need good bases for both. We have an increasing number of resources on the science side, but what about engagement? What’s known? Do we have research on engagement? Can we get scientific about emotions? The short answer is an emphatic ‘yes’!

In this session we’ll go through what’s known about emotion, how learning ’sticks’ better if we’ve got emotional engagement, and what the implications are for our designs. You'll see how curiosity and surprise can play a role, as well as consequences and What’s In It For Me (WIIFM). We'll also examine the emotional reactions of anxiety, motivation, confidence, failure, and humor. When do these enhance or interfere? When should we invoke or mitigate? If we want our learning to be both effective and engaging, we have to understand what works and what doesn’t. Come explore the emotional side of the equation and increase the quality of your learning solutions.


Session Video