Before you put learning tools and content into code, it takes a diligent team to define, present, and get buy-in on new ideas. Dedicating an early phase of your projects to rapid prototyping can help you develop your ideas, propose better learning experiences, and validate or pivot on your concepts based on how they test with your audience. Now, we can get to better solutions—and fewer unwelcome surprises—thanks to Miro and Figma: collaborative web-based tools where we can work on prototypes together with our stakeholders or teammates.

In this session, learn the foundations of rapid prototyping and how it helps deliver the best learning experiences to your audience. We will explore how you can take your idea or content and use online, collaborative tools to quickly mock up designs, share your concepts, and generate feedback. You will learn about using Miro and Figma to quickly brainstorm solutions, communicate your ideas, and easily gather feedback from stakeholders at any point during the process.