Online DemoFest: Explore Game-based Learning Solutions

In this second of four showcase events, we explore solutions created for the Game-based category. These projects were designed to solve specific learning challenges using game mechanics or gamification approaches to engage and motivate learners in understanding and using new approaches and content in their work.

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Projects being presented:

  • Real Estate Client Conversation Game
    Patricia Peral, Head of Enablement, Armis

  • Align: The Distributed Decision-Making Game
    Ryan Hicks, Director of Learning Experience, LLamasoft

  • ScavengAR Hunt: Discovering San Jose
    Destery Hildenbrand, Sr Instructional Designer, GP Strategies

  • "What Killed Office Morale?" A Murder Mystery Game
    Mike Roy, Instructional Designer, Royal Oak Media & Michelle Roy, Instructor, Royal Oak Media



Session Video