Articulate Storyline and Rise are wonderful for creating engaging learner experiences. They also have incredible accessibility features that you may not know about! Learn how to create courses that are fully accessible and user-friendly for all learners.

In this session we’ll cover what it takes to create courses in Articulate Storyline and Rise that are accessible and compliant with Section 508. We’ll cover best practices for developing accessible courses in Articulate 360, including the interactions and elements to avoid. Incorporating alt-text, closed captions, and even transcripts is easy, and we’ll practice the ins and outs of formatting content for keyboard navigation. Attendees will leave with a checklist for creating accessible Storyline and Rise courses.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Describe best practices in developing accessible content in Storyline and Rise
  • Recall interactions and elements to avoid
  • Demonstrate including alt-text, captions, and transcripts
  • Format courses to facilitate keyboard navigation



Session Video