As Director of Educational Programs for Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, Nick Goodman is responsible for an impressive library of customer empowerment resources. With multiple educational products to produce and maintain, Nick realized that he needed a better solution for consistent, convenient, and high-quality video voiceovers.

Creating AI voice from WellSaid, the Snowflake team was able to update content quickly and consistently, using the same Voice Avatar used to create it. Now, edits take just minutes and the team no longer dreads software updates. Read more about the ROI in the case study.

To convince the team, Nick created three voiceover recordings. One was someone on the team who typically records his own voiceovers. Two were WellSaid Labs voice avatars. Then, he circulated them through his team, only saying that he was evaluating new voice talent and requesting feedback.

"My boss, at the top of our organization, had no idea at the reveal when I said this was a computer generated-voice."

It was the combination of Nick's recognition of the ROI from faster edits and more consistency, with his team's satisfaction with the voice quality that was the tipping point in the decision to try WellSaid Labs for voiceover production.

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