As L&D professionals, we've all been there. New updated process or procedures are being rolled out. New safety requirements are being introduced. All eyes are on you, and you're on deck. The issue? A full-fledged training program isn't the answer. What to do? People in the workplace need to access learning when they most need it and when the business needs them to have it.

This session will give you the critical information, tools, and skills you need to build effective and sustainable microlearning content. As learning professionals, we know the largest amount of learning occurs at the point of need. It’s time for microlearning to take its place in the L&D modality lineup.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use a framework for planning your microlearning strategy and building your content
  • How microlearning can be appropriately applied in your organization
  • What tools are needed to make microlearning happen for the people in your organization