Many learners want shorter nuggets of content. It can be challenging, however, for instructional designers to fit everything they need to do into five- to seven-minute chunks. If you’re not careful, the lessons can end up being mostly teaching, and what gets lost is the chance for learners to practice the skills being taught and the chance to apply the new skills to their own situations.

In this session, you’ll walk through a case study of 30 microlessons (built in 30 days) that focus primarily on practice and application. You’ll learn how to keep the formal learning part to a minimum so you can give learners a chance to try techniques out for themselves and even apply them to their own lives immediately, before ever leaving the course. You’ll get to see real-life examples of many microlearning formats, including branching scenarios, skills and drills, games, and application activities.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to focus your microlearning designs on practice and application
  • How to pick a narrow, targeted topic that learners can explore in a short period of time
  • How to design opportunities for students to apply techniques to their own lives
  • How to incorporate teaching points throughout an interaction, rather than use the “teach then quiz” model