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Games & Gamification Summit 2016 - May 19, 2016

Sharon Boller

President and Chief Product Officer
Bottom-Line Performance

Kami Hanson

Senior Manager, Learning Program Office
Sears Holdings Corporation

Karl Kapp

Bloomsburg University

David Kelly

CEO | Learning Architect
The Learning Guild

Craig Tanner

Manager of Learning Strategy and Innovation
Sears Holdings Corporation

Game-based learning and gamification are two of the hottest topics in our field right now. They are also topics that continue to evolve at a rapid pace as designs, techniques, and technologies continue to advance.

In this closing session of the Games & Gamification Summit, our panel of games and gamification experts will examine the opportunities available to us today and the possibilities that may be available in the near future. In this interactive session we will explore how to harness the potential available to us now and how to prepare for the new opportunities of tomorrow.


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