New hires and facilitators both reported that Saint Elizabeth Health Care’s corporate orientation was ineffectual—rife with information overload, laden with a multitude of facts and seemingly disparate pieces of information, presented in a didactic and passive manner, not relevant to new staff’s key needs based on their roles and locations, and downright boring. As one of the first impressions for new hires, corporate orientation is often a contributing factor to staff turnover. Because Saint Elizabeth naturally has high turnover, it was imperative that they redesign the orientation to make it more appealing and effective, with the ultimate business goal of decreasing staff turnover and saving money while staying within a tight orientation budget. Since the launch of the redesigned orientation in 2012, over 95% of Saint Elizabeth’s new hires have indicated that this is the best orientation they have ever received, and they feel confident they made the right choice in an employer.

Participants in this session will explore Saint Elizabeth’s successfully redesigned corporate orientation. You’ll analyze the tools they used to identify and generate effective solutions, review the challenges and obstacles they overcame, and review the results and feedback.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to align corporate-orientation goals with business objectives
  • How to create a design strategy for a standardized orientation throughout all roles and locations
  • How to identify and align key units and departments for a successful redesign
  • How to overcome some of the challenges in redesigning a standardized orientation
  • How to effectively evaluate and sustain positive training results

Designers, developers, managers, directors, VPs, and CLOs with some experience in designing and developing training solutions or who are responsible for improving staff retention and engagement.