According to the Nuclear Energy Institute, the electric-power industry will need to replace nearly 100,000 skilled workers, more than 25,000 of them in the nuclear industry, by 2015—about 39% of that workforce. How do learning professionals in the nuclear industry design basic training that engages the incoming work force, who have no nuclear background, without alienating their experienced work force? How do they get new-to-nuclear employees to understand the consequences and benefits of human performance? How do they make the training more relevant to their workers? How do they make the training more interactive and engaging, but with easy and safe navigation? Big challenges!

Participants in this session will review the new human-performance course developed by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), used by the entire nuclear industry, and awarded Best of Show—Non-vendor at The eLearning Guild’s eLearning DemoFest 2013. You’ll see how INPO addressed multiple challenges by designing the course as an interactive, scenario-based training experience, with both real-life and nuclear scenarios. You’ll examine how the course incorporated gamification elements to increase students’ intrinsic motivation and attention levels, and discuss why this approach has been successful for the nuclear industry and how similar designs could be successful for other industries.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Strategies for developing relevant training
  • Strategies for creating meaningful gamification in your training
  • Strategies for making a case for gamification and interactivity in your training

Novice-to-intermediate designers, developers, and project managers.