A problem many organizations face is that their employees, particularly right out of college, often lack skills in critical thinking, complex reasoning, and clear writing. Organizations know they can provide training for a specific position, but want employees to solve problems on their own. Although research indicates that while college faculty say developing students’ ability to write effectively and think critically are very important, that development often does not happen before students enter the workforce.

Content curation can help bridge the gap between what organizations want and what employees can offer by giving employees ways to conduct solid research so they can better solve problems. How? By getting employees to use curation to tap into expert opinion and gain the benefits of peer-to-peer discussion. Participants in this session will explore how you can teach employees to use curation to plug in to the collective intelligence of the Internet, connect with experts in their field, foster discussion on current topics, critique information, gain credibility, and solve problems. You’ll learn how to implement curation and become a curation expert in your own organization.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why content curation is a valuable skill in both the academic and corporate worlds
  • How to get employees started in content curation
  • Various tips and tricks in teaching content curation, and what pitfalls to avoid
  • Different ways to use content curation, and the best tools to reach your curation goals