Are you trying to figure out how to implement social learning in your organization, and do you understand the difference between “social learning” and “social media?” This session showcases one small company’s efforts to help its employees get savvy with social-media tools … and the unexpected bonus of a long-term social-learning program this effort spawned.

Participants in this session will review the successes of the weekly #TalkTech Twitter chat that Bottom-Line Performance created and hosts. You’ll see how this effort evolved from a way to get employees comfortable using social media to an active forum for social learning. #TalkTech has become so successful that it regularly drives Bottom-Line’s employees—and even its clients—to take up new tools and technologies.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use social-media platforms and tools such as Twitter, TweetDeck, TweetChat, blogs, and news aggregators to enhance and support informal learning in your organization
  • The importance of the iPad and other types of tablets to social-learning success
  • What “content curation” is and how to build employees’ skill in curating for each other
  • How to combine content curation, blogging, and social-media chats to facilitate informal learning in your organization
  • How to generate buy-in from skeptical participants and help learners develop the new habits and skills required for social learning