Today’s training environments need to be adaptable and flexible. Traditional classrooms do not always fit the evolving technology needs of the learners. Learners are often spread out geographically, their travel budgets are shrinking, and they are becoming increasingly mobile.

Participants in this session will explore the value and return on investment of using tablets in the physical classroom. Tablets are popular for entertainment purposes, but have become an essential part of the training experience at Verizon; Verizon trainers use tablets for retrieving materials for electronic preparation, making the trainers more independent and mobile, and physical classroom walls become irrelevant because training can happen anywhere there are learners.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the return on investment of using tablets in the traditional classroom
  • How tablets benefit trainers as well as learners while still supporting an interactive environment
  • How to use tablets to create more efficient, flexible, and mobile training environments
  • How to use tablets to prepare, facilitate, and create learning interactivity through technology