Flipping the Classroom with Social Media Tools

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Online Forums 2013 - June 7, 2013
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Mary Nicholson

Professor, Department of Instructional Technology
Bloomsburg University

The “flipped classroom” model reverses typical classroom activities so learners review content and information in preparation for face-to-face learning events and use their time in the classroom for more interactive activities. People raise many questions about how to design engaging and effective learning activities that precede the face-to-face learning events. Recording presentations is one popular method for providing learners information to review online in preparation for face-to-face events. However one-way recordings offer no interaction or connection with other learners.

Participants in this session will explore how blending social-media tools with pre-class recordings can help you create effective and engaging activities for your learners before face-to-face learning events. With this blend, you can effectively present ideas and information, showcase the application of design techniques, explain “before-and-after” design decisions, include collaborative brainstorming, incorporate storytelling, and design interactive discussions.

In this session you will learn:

  • Guidelines for creating pre-class recordings
  • How to use social-media tools for the flipped classroom
  • How to use the social-media tool, VoiceThread, as a flipped-classroom conversation tool
  • Ideas for creating engaging activities for face-to-face learning events


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