As a longtime expert in producing synchronous online training sessions, Karen Hyder often presents at face-to-face conferences on the subject of virtual classrooms (VCs). It’s ironic that she uses a centuries-old teaching method to show learners how to use modern tools, but to bridge the gap she uses VC features in the physical classroom. She sets up a virtual session in Adobe Connect, GoTo Training, or WebEx, and invites face-to-face participants to also join the virtual session. By using a multi-modal instructional design, Karen can create interaction with logged-in attendees using electronic methods, while attendees without computers contribute to the class using physical methods.

Participants in this session will learn how to use VC features to drive interactivity in both the virtual and physical classroom. Through these exercises, you’ll see how you can make use of available physical and virtual tools to support learning in any modality.

In this session, you will learn:

  • To identify where a virtual/physical blend could improve learning programs and activities
  • Vital steps for successful delivery in any classroom
  • Modern ground rules to establish with learners
  • How to adapt your design and delivery plans to use VC techniques in all classrooms


Session Video