COVID saw a rapid shift into virtual training, and along with it the need to train trainers, teachers, subject matter experts (SMEs), and others in use of the virtual classroom. In reviewing data from our own COVID-era research, many of those SMEs who were shifted to, or conscripted for, teaching duties—both virtual and face-to-face (F2F)—said they felt their preparation to deliver instruction was lacking.

In this research report, Train-the-Trainer: Evidence-based Practices, Jane Bozarth reviews why you should invest in train-the-trainer efforts, overviews several actionable T3 courses, and provides tips for “selling” the idea of investing in extended training to management.

Download the Executive Summary

Download this executive summary and see why training subject matter experts on how to train is beneficial in their work and how to “sell” to management on the idea of providing more extended training to those who may not be involved in training activity as a full-time pursuit.