A Program Designed for Your Leadership Growth

The program consists of 16 engaging sessions that will explore a variety of topics including the intersection of learning and business strategy, how to apply proven practices, and modern learning leadership perspectives.

Day 1: March 16

8:00 – 8:45 AM PT

Megan Torrance
Mos' Okediji
Tina Dooley
Christine Adleman
Kevin Brill

Featured Session

Panel: Get Results: How to Assemble and Align a Strategic Team

Megan Torrance, Chief Energy Officer, TorranceLearning
Mos’ Okediji, Group Manager, Marketing & Communications, Craft Development, Intuit
Tina Dooley, Manager Global Activation & Engagement in Global Sales, Amway
Christine Adleman, Director of Organizational Development & Learning, Johnsonville Sausage
Kevin Brill, L&D Manager, Digital Learning at Kohler Learning Academy

Changing business needs mean that L&D team structures evolve and change constantly. This panel of learning leaders will describe the structure of the L&D function(s) in their organizations and explore the ways in which they address talent acquisition, development, and deployment. Read session description →

9:00 – 9:45 AM PT

Jo Cook

102: Give Learners What They Really Want in Online Learning

Jo Cook, Director of Research, Lightbulb Moment Limited

Quickly converted instruction is not great learning. It's time to use research on how learners learn best online to improve our virtual classroom training. This session addresses learner preferences, webcam use, engagement, and barriers to effective virtual learning, and provides pointers for improving design and facilitation of online training. Read session description →.

10:00 – 10:45 AM PT

Pamela Gutman
Kelsey Nutter

103: Engaging Onboarding for a Hybrid Environment

Pamela Gutman, IT Trainer, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Kelsey Nutter, Health & Safety Specialist, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

With our organization working remotely, new hires felt disconnected. This session shares how we revamped our onboarding experience to combat Zoom fatigue, engage new hires, and connect them with each other and with organizational resources. You'll leave inspired to create onboarding that shows new hires that they made the right choice in working for your organization. Read session description →.

11:00 – 11:45 AM PT

Manoj Kulkarni

104: Personalization as an L&D Strategy to Drive Engagement and Performance

Manoj Kulkarni, CEO, Realizeit

Organizations facing the need to evolve rapidly are pressing L&D teams to help navigate changes, including in learning models. In this engaging session, we'll explore personalization of learning and why it should be a key L&D strategy. You'll learn how to plan and implement learning personalization and explore success stories. Read session description →.

12:00 – 12:45 PM PT

Juan Narajo

105: Making a Business Case for Next-Gen Learning

Juan Narajo, Senior Manager Next-Gen Learning, Rogers Communications

Influencing stakeholders and leadership to adopt new learning technologies can be challenging, but it's a "must do" to keep your team relevant and your learning function up to date. This interactive session provides you with a data-driven approach to help you showcase the financial benefits of adopting Next-Gen Learning. Read session description →.

1:00 – 1:45 PM PT

Edward Brice

106: Strategies for Virtual Team Engagement

Edward Brice, Director of Education Strategy & Operations, Allstate Insurance

The world has changed. There’s no more water coolers for conversation. No more meetings after the meeting at the local pub. No more holiday parties, team lunches, and group volunteering events. Virtual work is here to stay! How can you engage your team virtually? How do you engage your team virtually? Come explore unique ways to engage your virtual team members and have a little fun doing it! Read session description →

2:00 – 2:45 PM PT

Catherine Lombardozzi

107: The Leader’s Guide to Developing People

Catherine Lombardozzi, Learning Strategy Consultant/Founder, Learning 4 Learning Professionals

Effectively developing people requires a variety of tactics and skills. Many managers rely heavily on formal development programs, lacking an understanding of their own critical role. This interactive session explores a framework describing six modes of engagement and the management actions and behaviors that comprise them. Managers should clarify, coach, challenge, connect, curate, and customize. Read session description →.

3:00 – 3:45 PM PT

Frank Nguyen
Shana Storey
Bob Zimel

Featured Session

A View from the C-Suite

Frank Nguyen, Learning Executive
Shana Storey, Global Director for Talent Development, ZS Associates
Bob Zimel, Global Director of Learning & Development, Avison Young

In this featured session, our panel of senior leaders will share their perspectives on the challenges faced by today’s learning leaders and the strategies they recommend for successful leadership. Read session description →.

Day 2: March 17

8:00 – 8:45 AM PT

Mark Britz
Kirsten Rourke
Rio Rios
Khadija Moore

Featured Session

Panel: Supporting Your Company During the Great Resignation

Mark Britz, Director of Programming, The Learning Guild
Kirsten Rourke, CEO, Rourke Training
Rio Rios, Learning & Development Manager, Nike
Khadija Moore, Organizational Development Manager, Dijitalised

The Great Resignation refers to ongoing disruptions caused by COVID-19 that have triggered workers to rethink the role work plays in their lives—and driving many to leave their jobs. Our panel will explore factors that are driving the Great Resignation and discuss the role learning leaders can play in supporting their organization as it navigates these challenges. Read session description →.

9:00 – 9:45 AM PT

Marjan Bradeško

202: 4 Cornerstones of Effective Cohort-Based Learning

Marjan Bradeško, Director, Conscia Center of Excellence, NIL

Quickly upskilling large numbers of employees with different, context-based learning needs is a challenge. The solution? A cohort-based, mentored learning program based on four cornerstones: mentor(s), motivation, ongoing commitment, and a clear goal. This session examines two successful examples. Read session description →.

10:00 – 10:45 AM PT

Jeannette Munroe

203: Revenue Enablement: Where Learning & Business Strategies Connect

Jeannette Munroe, Senior Director for North America Revenue Enablement, Sodexo

Learning leaders often struggle to identify correlation (or causation) between their training programs and business outcomes. But the relatively new practice of revenue enablement does this remarkably well. Revenue enablement teams monitor sales metrics in real time to recommend, design, and deliver both tactical and strategic adjustments in how sales organizations go to market. Read session description →.

11:00 – 11:45 AM PT

Wendy Gates Corbett

204: Beyond the Band-Aid: Maintaining Sustainable Belonging

Wendy Gates Corbett, President, Signature Presentations

Whether working from home or in the building, employees crave reassurance that there’s a place for them, that they are seen, heard, and valued. They want opportunities to re/connect with others, including leaders. This lively interactive session explores how leaders around the world are moving their organizations toward a sustained sense of renewed reconnection. Read session description →.

12:00 – 12:45 PM PT

Gary Hegenbart
Anna Strzegowski

205: Embrace Outsourcing While Enabling Your L&D Team to Thrive

Gary Hegenbart, Training Manager, Blue Planet and Anne Strzegowski, Director, Ciena Learning Services

Many organizations struggle to produce all the learning content needed for employee or customer training. Outsourcing companies can reduce costs, improve efficiency, accelerate development projects, and increase the value of the existing team. Read session description →.

1:00 – 1:45 PM PT

Maggie Redling
Coleman Williams

206: The Changing Face of Learning Leadership

Maggie Redling, Manager of Learning & Development, Nylas

Coleman Williams, Director of Learning & Development, Booster Fuels

Several factors are changing how work gets done: the pandemic, the move to remote-first work, social injustice, and generational shifts. Our role as learning leaders must change in response—broadening from skill building to include everything from teaching leaders empathy to redefining company values. We will discuss questions, research, and case studies; you will leave with insight on how you can make an impact. Read session description →.

2:00 – 2:45 PM PT

Jane Bozarth

207: Leadership Insights Drawn from Learning Guild Research

Jane Bozarth, Director of Research, The Learning Guild

What behaviors, skills, and characteristics do learning leaders appear to share, and how can these be built and enhanced? In this session, The Learning Guild’s Director of Research, Jane Bozarth, offers some research-based ideas for answering this question, drawing from recent Guild research reports. Read session description →.

3:00 – 3:45 PM PT

David Kelly
Maggie Redling
Jeannette Munroe
Kavindya Thennakoon

Featured Session

Panel: Leveling Up Your Leadership Skills

David Kelly, CEO, The Learning Guild
Maggie Redling, Manager of Learning & Development, Nylas
Jeannette Munroe, Senior Director for North America Revenue Enablement, Sodexo
Kavindya Thennakoon

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