206 The Changing Face of Learning Leadership

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Thursday, March 17

Several factors are changing how work gets done: the pandemic, the move to remote-first work, social injustice, and generational shifts. Our role as learning leaders must change in response—broadening to include everything from teaching leaders empathy to redefining company values. It's all about Agile design: learning leaders need to shift into a more human-centered consultative role that delivers quick results.

This interactive session consists of a series of questions to spark discussion among attendees. We'll use research and case studies to explore the questions. You will leave this session with new commitments on how you, as a learning leader, can make an impact.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How the workforce is changing and the impact that has on what employees need from the learning team
  • The new 'face' of learning leadership that address the changing needs of the workforce
  • Best practices on how to lead an Agile team of learning consultants, designers, and developers

Maggie Redling

Director of Talent Acquisition & Development


Maggie Redling is a director of talent acquisition & development at Booster, and she runs Wrestling With Talent with Coleman Williams. Maggie knew from a young age that learning was her calling. She was the young girl always playing teacher and, while her students have changed from stuffed animals to employees, her motivation to help others see potential in themselves hasn't changed. Maggie's research-minded brain helps teams choose the right intervention at the right time while her positivity allows her to build quick and meaningful relationships.

Coleman Williams

Director of Culture & Talent


Coleman Williams is a director of culture & talent at Booster. He started his career teaching high school students about business and has since found his passion for helping an organization focus on the future and build a learning culture. It is his role to develop, fine-tune, and implement talent processes and tools to align with business strategy and improve employee experiences. And, in 2020, he joined forces with his tag-team partner, Maggie Redling, to open the doors of Wrestling With Talent.

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