There are many asynchronous eLearning authoring tools available today. In Authoring Tools 2019, Guild research director Jane Bozarth used survey data from 961 respondents, as well as feedback from vendors, freelancers, and design shop owners, to report on the state of authoring tools today.

Although several respondents expressed a wish for a one-tool-does-it-all solution, Bozarth writes, “It’s just not out there, at least not yet, and the eLearning landscape does not bode well for the likelihood of a single, all-encompassing product emerging.”

However, she did find that users are generally satisfied with the authoring tools they are using. According to the research, less than 8% of survey respondents say they want to replace the tool they currently use with something else.

Some other highlights of the study include:

  • Respondents were asked to identify up to three tools they use. The most popular was Articulate Storyline, named by 67%.
  • When asked what features they use the most, 44% identified quiz features.
  • Among those who are interested in adding another tool, the most common reason cited was: I want to expand my repertoire.

Respondents also offered additional comments, including their frustrations, and vendors offered strategies for maximizing an authoring tool investment and questions for new customers to consider.

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