The job of an instructional designer used to be simple. Their primary responsibility was the learning function, with much of their time dedicated to designing and developing courses and creating training materials. It’s safe to say that in order to be successful, today’s instructional designers must master many other disciplines! The good news is that many of the required skills can be learned and honed.

The Learning Guild launched its Guild Master Award program 10 years ago to recognize industry luminaries who have gone above and beyond to help make our community a vibrant center for learning. We turned to them when developing our new eBook.

In Business Skills for Instructional Designers: Guild Masters Weigh In, 16 Guild Masters contributed personal essays highlighting the business skills they believe are most important for contemporary instructional designers to cultivate. Each story contains valuable lessons and key takeaways to help you expand your skillset and learn how to master new business and technical skills.

We hope this collection inspires and helps you as your role as an ID professional continues to grow and change. Download your free copy now.

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